vLMS (VisionTech Learning Management System) a Modular End-to-End Solution for School Management System and Online Learning Management System for Teachers, Students, Parents, Admission, School Finance, and Administration Functions All in a Single Platform. vLMS an easily customizable and configurable system over Cloud or on Local Premises, that operates over Web or Mobile devices. vLMS an ideal system for Schools, Universities, and Online Learning Institutions.
Eliminates Teachers Workload
  • Easily prepare Homework – Quizzes – Exams
  • Autocorrect Homework & Quizzes & Exams
  • Automatically Certificate Generation
  • Teacher Website Control Panel
    ( Classes – Subjects – Course & Exam Builder - Students )
  • Easily Prepare & Upload Homework
  • Share Contents (Any File Type, Audio, Video, etc…)
  • Set & Upload Class Schedule
  • Receive Student Homework
  • Automatically Corrects Homework
  • Automatically Grades Students
  • Automatically Issues Students Report Cards
  • Class Attendance report automatically generated
  • Class Activities (Trips – Events – etc…)
Live Virtual Class
  • High-Definition Live Video Conference
  • Whiteboard Interactive Multi-User
  • Live Screen Sharing
  • Video Recording
  • Replay Video anytime
  • Mute voice
  • Screen per student or full class
  • One-on-One Instructor Mentoring
  • Chat conversation with Group or with single student
  • Secure Live Streaming
  • Breakout Rooms to divide up class into separate virtualgroups and engage & instruct each group separately
Online Exams
  • Question Bank
    Teachers easily prepare a Question Bank using Any Question Type Multiple Choice - True/False - Complete - Link - Essays - Ranks
  • Define Exam Difficulty Level
    Teacher can set Exam Difficulty Level to Easy – Medium – Hard
  • Auto-Correct Exams
    Auto-correct exams based on predefined answers by Teacher
  • Reports
    vLMS Automatically Generates Students Grade Reports
  • Access over Mobile or Web
  • Student Website Control Panel
  • Classes Schedule
  • Homework
    • Easily access to Download & Upload Homework
    • Easily Access Shared Contents (Files, PDF, Videos, etc…)
    • Record Videos to Replay
    • Self-Paced Learning
    • Engage directly with Teacher for further support
  • Online Exams
  • Grade Report
  • Group Activities
  • Student Notifications (Vaccination - Trips – Events – etc…)
  • Vacation Announcements
  • Absence
  • Web or Mobile App
  • Automatically receive Parent Notifications for:
    • Vacation Announcements
    • Classes Daily Schedule
    • Exam Schedule
    • Trips
    • Events Homework
    • Tests or Quiz Scores
    • Certificates
    • Vaccinations
    • Behaviors
    • Ability to track bus
    • Pending Payment Fees
  • Track your child’s progress
  • Track Bus
  • Ability to submit a complaint to the school administration
vLMS Mobile App for Student

Access Virtual Classes, Homework, and take Online-Exams, and receive instant scoring &Receive events and activities notifications

vLMS Mobile App for Teachers

Easily prepare & upload homework & Questions Bank. Give Online-Exams & monitor Students Activities

vLMS Mobile App for Parents

Access Daily Activities, Performance Reports, Student Grade Report , Attendance & Healthcare reminder

vLMS Mobile App for Admins

Add Teachers/Subjects/Students and Track Attendance & Generate Students Certificates

vLMS Mobile App for Top Management

Track Teachers & Students Performance Track School Overall Performance

  • Easily customizes vLMS to fit your School System
  • Predefine all Parameters & Automatically Reflect into vLMS:
    • Educational System (National or International & Academic Years, Subjects, etc...)
    • Policies (Annual Leaves, Penalties, etc…)
    • Expense Items
    • Bus routes
    • Banks
    • Vaccinations
    • Trip sites
    • Staff KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)
    • Alarm Types
  • Define Access Rights for Teachers, Students, Parents, Administration Staff
  • Website Control Panel to Easily Edit & Publish on to Website
  • Publish onto website Events, Activities, etc..
  • Reports (Students Reports Financial Reports Performance Reports etc…
  • Track Teachers Progress
  • Track Students & Classes Progress
  • School Finance & Budget Management
  • Financial Reports Generation (Complete & Pending Payments)
  • School Fees Payment Follow-up
  • Staff & Students Time Attendance Reports
  • Receive and Manage Complaints
  • Polls & Surveys
  • Grade Results
  • View and Track each student Healthcare profile
  • Automatic notifications for Vaccinations